Good Winter

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Having one of those days where i’m feeling very lucky and thankful to have had such amazing life experiences and most of that has been within the last 12 months. Today one of my buddies and I decided pretty much last minute we’re hitting Download Festival!! (This would have been my 9th year going) that place started to feel un-inspirational and just an expensive field to get drunk in for 5 days, however I think I am more excited this year then I ever have been. The line up is pretty average, I’ve seen all the bands a couple of times or more, however the people I am going this year are fucking incredible.

 Thinking back to Slipknot last year, they were incredible! By far the best band I have ever seen in my 9years of going there and for any festival that is. My favourite band and they didn’t disappoint, their first gig without Paul too. I am so lucky to have always had the freedom and opportunity to do these things, I have been going to Download Festival since I was 17 and I have seen everyone from Guns N Roses, BLACK FUCKING SABBATH, Audio Slave, Rage Against the Machine, ACDC, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Slayer, KISS, System of a Down and Slipknot to name a few. obviously the best thing last happened this past year was my Australian experience, so much so I am now moving over, however having so many things here in the UK to look forward to, with such a great new bunch of buddies- sometimes I question whether moving over is the best thing right now. Rahhhhhh of course it is, i just love to bloody rant about things.

Chuck Ragan gig is on the 27th May and the Bronx July 9th. Everything is happening, and I Love It!!



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My god!

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