Good Winter

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Ana Victoria Calderon

Sunday motivation

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I really really can not wait to move away. I feel so done with Lincolnย 

What a heart breaking dayย 

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dirtym0ney said: You've got an incredible blog and you're amazingly beautiful. Hope you're move to Melbourne goes smoothly, and hopefully i come across you someday here x

Oh wow what a compliment! Thank you :-) I really can not wait to move over, meet new people and discover new things x

Some photos I took in Melbourne last year

Moving Day

So now I know I’m pretty much set to leave for Sydney November 3rd 2014 then moving to Melbourne around the 20th November this blog (or whatever it is) will now focus mainly on my travels. The up coming and whilst i’m over there so my friends and family can see what i’m up to.

So in a nutshell, hellotashahall is now all things Australia :)